Ngiri Bottle Opener


Known for it's especially large horns, the Ankole cow is found in Uganda and was traditionally herded by the nomadic Ankole tribe. Our horns are ethically sourced as a by-product when the cows are brought to market for meat. This helps ensure the sustainability of this material. With every Ankole piece, great care is taken in sanding and polishing to achieve the smooth and finished look of the horn. All of the vases and tumblers are then sealed with a food-safe lacquer. Just as no two cows are exactly the same, no two horns are the same either. This creates the beautiful color variation and the unique marbling you find on each peace.


All of our hand loomed textiles are hand made from 100% cotton sourced from Uganda. The textiles are hand spun on traditional looms, helping create as low of a carbon footprint as possible in their production.


All our metal objects are a result of collecting scrap metal from old buildings and car yards, pipes and car engine parts that are carefully smelted and cast into beautiful decorative objects such as our Ngiri bottle opener.


Each spoon is a result of carefully selected hand-carved by our group of artisans in Kenya. 100% sustainable sourced ebony wood Bone handle with charcoal detailing


Our weavers are Kenyan women from remote rural villages, who have learned the art of weaving from their mothers and grandmothers. They handcraft each individual basket using recycled waste plastic. Each piece has its own unique qualities and reveals layers of stories woven into the strands. Their magical hands create the most enchanting sisal baskets that will bring colour & texture to any home.

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