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Metal and Horn work

As a jeweler, Gladys has spent majority of her creative practices working with fine metals, gem stones and casting. This process has been a integral part of her development in working with local artisans in Kenya.

The Loom

Textiles have been a joyous part of my life. I fell in love with the weaving process in my most recent years. I have always worked with screen printing as a medium of layering textiles, However my jewelers technical process came came into play soon after i had worked with screen printing. I was curious about what happened underneath the surface of the textiles. I had so many questions and i was curious about what gave weight to the texture, the hand and texture of the fabric. Very much the same path that lead me to designing jewelry, the hours spent glimpsing through Vogue Gioiello and wondering how a stone is cut, how the the form of the ring came to be from a block of metal. The unraveling of the threads soon begun and i began to focus on the details that lay under the surface of the fabric. The yarn, the process, the thread the details and it has been love ever since.

Glass engraving

I have always loved and appreciated art. Through out school my strongest subject was art something i rarely get enough time to work on. Glass engraving came into my life through a friend and business partner Dodo who brought onboard the idea of using Recycled bottles as a blank canvas to illustrate beautiful art for the the table.


Who does not love baskets. I cant get enough of them. All my trips are considered a successful test if i returned with a basket. The most wondrous thing about having a business that is based on real life experiences is having a partner who is a mother of three adorable boys and co-founder of Siafu Home. If you meet Niccola you would quickly know that she has the most immaculate house i have ever seen. I remember asking Nikki, How do you keep the house so tidy with 3 little boys. She laughed and pointed at the baskets - The trick is to turn every room into a play room, Trust me she said, each room is there for play the boys can move freely from room to room with a Basket that hides the lucky dip. The only rule is to return the contents into the basket. And this is how the basked using upcycled platics came to be.

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