About Siafu

Siafu was inspired from the Swahili word for ant. Siafu’s ant mascot represents women’s role in a community. The ant works within a group, constantly foraging, searching for food, constantly building and constantly evolving. For any community to be successful we have to work and collaborate as a group. And none of us is an island, because the growth of all of us around the world is given to the communities that raise us. The ant symbolizes community, partnership and working together.” Siafu is an ode to a woman's ability to carry ten times her weight and work as a community - just like the ant. Siafu Home is a curated collection of beautiful and functional homeware pieces from across Africa.

A sustainable homewear brand that focuses on working with tradional hand made practices resulting in a slow process to ensure we source sustainably and responsably to ensure we are kind to the earth in instilling responsiblity in workmanship and the process of production, using only natural AND UPCYCLED materials made by real hands in Kenya.

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